There are plenty of “Big Crocodile” statues in Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory, but the one at Normanton has a unique difference: it is a model of the largest crocodile ever shot.

A woman named Krystyna Pawlowski shot the 8.63 metre (that’s 28 feet 4 inches) animal and ended up in the Guinness Book of Records. The crocodile was shot on the MacArthur Bank, Norman River, downstream from Normanton in July, 1957. The woman who shot it was a professional crocodile hunter. Located near the corner of Landsborough and Haig Streets, the sculpture was built by Dudley Townsen and Associates in Townsville and transported to Normanton by truck.

It was unveiled in 1996 in the presence of Krystyna Pawlowski and her husband Ron. Gasp at the size! The sculpture is exactly the same size as the Krys – The Savannah King. Well worth a visit and photo – make sure someone takes one of you next to Krys, so everyone can get an idea of just how big the real croc was!

Then head down the road to Karumba, but make sure you leave in time to catch that amazing sunset overlooking the Gulf!
The road is fully sealed all the way and the 72kms will take you just under an hour.