There is a brand new state-of-the-art tourist attraction at the very end of the road when you arrive in Karumba, the last stop on the Matilda Way:

The Les Wilson Barramundi Discovery Centre.

Its interpretive displays tell the story about the Southern Gulf Barramundi, the local flora and fauna, as well as lots of stories featuring, and being told by, the locals!

In the hatchery next to the discovery centre you can participate in a tour with experienced guides telling you all the secrets about the barramundi and you will get to experience the feeding of the large adults! You will meet Flossie, our 1.2m female barra, a truly magnificent example of this beautiful species!

Did you know all barramundi are born male?
They do not change sex until much later in their lives, when they have grown much larger!

Barramundi is the aboriginal word for large scale fish, very aptly named, too! You will certainly come out of the centre with a lot of interesting facts, and not just about the fish!